The Pontiac Economy Eight Series 601 was a car in the luxury class , the 1933 Pontiac , a brand ofGeneral Motors, has been released. The following year was almost unchanged vehicle Pontiac Series 603and 1935 it was called the model Pontiac Improved Series 605 .

From year to year



The successor to the V8 was completely redesigned.On the shorter by 2 "chassis bodies were built with backward inclined, slightly V-shaped radiator grille. The spare wheels were from the sides of the hood again wandered back under the trunk lid. The range of structures corresponded broadly to the previous model.For 2-door coupe, the 2-door convertible and the sedan with 2 or 4 doors, a 2-door roadster and a 2-door touring sedan came (with separate trunk).

The side-valve eight-cylinder engine was a complete redesign and drew from 3661 cm ³ is an output of 77 bhp (57 kW) at 3,600 min -1 . Dry clutch, fully synchronized three-speed transmission with floor shift, propeller shaft and freewheel included as standard.

The expiry of the six-cylinder models of the economy Eight the only Pontiac model was this year.


Series 603

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Production time: 1934
Body versions


Convertible 2 door coupe 2 door 2 door Sedan 

Sedan 4 door

Engines: 3.7 l-R8 84 bhp (62 kW)
Length: 4756 mm
Width: mm
Height: 1738 mm
Wheelbase: 2978 mm
Empty weight: 1443-1542 kg

In 1934, the economy Eight appeared again significantly revised. Wheelbase, vehicle length and vehicle height were grown. Stylistically, there was little change: The extra length was mainly granted the bonnet and the headlamps have an oblong shape (like projectiles) accepted. The Roadster was omitted; for the Touring Sedan was now available with 4 doors.


In the following year, the bodies have been revised.Together with the newly released six-cylinder models had the voluminous new Improved fender and rounder shapes. With slightly smaller wheelbase, the structures were grown in de length. On the drive changed this year nothing, but there were recently two standard rear lights and wipers. Unlike the six-cylinder bore of the Improved Zierschrift "Pontiac Eight" on the grille.

In three years, 212,891 eight-cylinder cars were produced about 34 times as many as its predecessor V8. Was succeeded in 1936 the Deluxe Eight .