The Rambler Palm Beach was a concept car built by Pininfarina in 1956.

The car was a dream car for American Motors. The Palm Beach concept exemplifies the ideas that could have possibly directed American Motors to greater success in 1956. This one-of-a-kind Italian dreamcar was unfortunately never given consideration for production.

Pininfarina executed the requirements of the American Nash Corporation. It is an elegant two-seater coupe, aimed specifically at the US sporting market. The sides are convex from the front to the central section of the car and the removable top is fashioned with a shallow channel under the rear window.

Unusual is the use of thick Plexiglas bumpers, which are styled into the lamp decor. Although they would be ineffective in a heavy collision, they should serve well for manoeuvring in traffic as the material is very resilient and saves a lot of weight.

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