The 20hp was a car built by Raymond Mays between 1938 and 1939. Only 5 were ever made.

The cars had a modified 2686cc V8 engine. The aluminium cylinder heads were switched for those of Peter Berthon's own design. He kept the single carburettor but raised the power peak from 4000rpm to 5000rpm. This made the engine more smoother and increased the power output to 85bhp. The engine was connected to a four speed gearbox (synchromesh on 3rd and 4th gear) via a single plate clutch. The top seed of the cars was 90mph (145kmh).

The chassis was 9ft 3in and had independent leaf springs in the front and semi-elliptical springs in the rear. Anti-roll bars were added to the front and rear axles and double-acting piston-type shock absorbers were fitted all round.

The body designs came in a tourer (from R.E.A.L), a drophead coupe (by Carlton) and a four-door saloon. Three tourers and two dropheads were built.

Two of the tourers and a Carlton drophead has survived to the present day.

The cars cost £495 when new.