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The Renault Celtaquatre is a small family car or compact car automobile produced by the French manufactured Renault between 1934 and 1938, it was French but looked like an American car ( it had a 1400 cc engine 34 hp.), it had elements recalling the "american school".

Details and evolutions[]

1934-1938: four-cylinder motor of 1463 cc to Valve S side, 30 ch, Boring ×course of 70×95 mm

In May 1934 is revealed Celtaquatre. It was intended to compete with the Citroën Traction Avant.

Its silhouette all in roundness was worth the nickname of “Celtaboule to him”.

In 1935, adjustments are made to the cap, of which the side parts from now on are decorated with chrome snap rings horizontal in the place of the 3 shutters.

Two-tone paintwork is standard. A supplement of 400 francs is required for a single color.

In 1936, Celtaquatre loses its roundnesses and takes a more aerodynamic form. Appearance of two new types of body: a Convertible and a Coach. In 1937, Celtaquatre receives a grill out of V of American inspiration, which one will find on all the range.

In 1938, appearance of the Bumper to right blades. Disappearance of the Cut.

1939: Celtaquatre leaves the place to the Juvaquatre, 44,000 unit was produced.

1940: Most of the last of the Celtaquatre cars remaining in stocks were delivered to the French Army.

1941 (July): The very last 13 of the Celtaquatre cars were transformed into a small series of Novaquatre.


  • Consumption: 8 liters to the 100 km
  • Speed: 100 km/h (62 mph)
  • Power: 30 ch (8 CV)
  • Brakes: with cables on drums AV and AR
  • Battery: 6 V


  • ZR1
  • ZR2
  • AEC1 (led commercial)
  • ADC1
  • ADC2
  • ADC3
  • BCR