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The Renault Monasix (Type RY) was a compact car and small family car automobile manufactured between 1927 to 1932 by Renault.

Details and Evolutions[]

The car was considered a commercial failure mainly because the engine was too small for the car's length and weight, which often led to problems in keeping the car under control. Renault ended production of the car in 1932. The Monasix was the first Renault with a six cylinder engine. The Paris taxi company purchased a large number of the Monasix: 5000 taxi versions were made, the last of which were used in Paris until 1962.

In competition the Monasix was raced in the Morocco Rally in 1928.

The Monastella version was an upgraded version of Monasix with better trim.

After production of the Monasix ceased, the car was replaced by the Renault Monaquatre.


  • RY : Produced from 1927 to 1928 with the radiator front engine
  • RY1: Produced from 1928 to 1929 with the radiator front engine
  • RY2: Produced from 1929 to 1931
  • RY3: Produced from 1931 to 1932


  • Speed: 91 km/h (57 mph)
  • Power: 12.5HP (8CV)