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The Renault Monastella (Type RY1) was an compact luxury car or executive car automobile manufactured between 1929 to 1933 by Renault more luxury that its similar size Renault Monasix.

Details and Evolutions[]

The Monastella was a more luxury version of the Monasix (car appeared in the 1927's Paris auto show) was released in 1929's auto show with an engine 6 cylinders 8CV, only unique difference between Monasix and the Monastella is an equipment more luxury and a plate that said "carrosserie STELLA".

In 1931 the new engine is more powerful with 33HP and new grill.

In 1933 ceased the production and the car was remplacent by the Renault Primastella.


  • RY1: Produced in 1929 with the radiator front engine
  • RY2: Produced between 1929 to 1931
  • RY3: Produced between 1931 to 1932
  • RY4: Produced between 1932 to 1933


  • Speed: 90 km/h
  • Power: 26HP (8 CV), 33HP (8CV)
  • Brakes: with cables on drums AV and AR
  • Battery: 6 V