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Replicar Cursor

The Replicar Cursor was a microcar introduced in 1985.

The car, designed by Alan Hatswell and was created to allow sixteen year olds the chance to drive a car on the UK roads using only a moped license. This allowed then to do so a full year before they were legally allowed to.

The body of the Cursor was constructed from re-enforced fibreglass which was mounted onto a chassis of tubular steel. As the fibreglass body was made pigment was added to produce a self-coloured body shell. The vehicle was powered by a 49cc Suzuki CS50 power unit which drove the single rear wheel. As the Cursor was in effect a moped its design, it's top speed was 26 mph. Fuel consumption was excellent at approximately 90 mpg. The car was very expensive however, In 1985, the car cost £2200, this was in comparison to a normal moped that cost around £1000.

This meant that most buyers would only keep the car for one year as they could drive a full size car when they became 17 years old. Production therefore was small and despite a two seater version that was also produced, production of these cars ceased in 1987 with just over 100 single seat Cursors being built; whilst the two seater is not have thought to have reached double figures.