The Riley 10.8 was a middle-class passenger car with a four-cylinder engine built by Riley. The model was introduced in 1919 as the first post-war model.

The car had a four-cylinder engine with 1498 cc displacement, lateral vertical valves and water cooling. This engine delivered 35 bhp (25.7 kW) at 3,200rpm. The chassis had a length of 2,743 mm. The bodies of the four-seat touring car were 3,962 mm long and 1,676 mm wide. For the first time at Riley all four wheels were suspended on semi-elliptic leaf springs. The chassis weighed 648 kg.

In 1923 there was a Riley 10.8 Redwing. This ultra-sporty model was elegant.It had diagonally backwards front fenders. Mechanically though it was the same as the standard model. This special version was offered until 1926.

In 1928, production of the standard model was ceased.