The Eleven Redwing was a car made by Riley between 1922 and 1926. It is not known how many were built during this time.

The engine was a 1496cc four cylinder unit. It had side valves and the camshaft was chain driven from the crankshaft. The engine used a single Zenith carburettor which was fed through cast iron passages in the cylinders. Oil was pumped to galleries in the upper crankcase when then fed the three camshaft bearings. The pistons were made of aluminium and were of a lightweight design. The car could reach speeds of up to 70mph (113kmh).

The drive fed through a cone clutch and a four speed gearbox to an open propeller shaft and straight to a bevel final drive.

The chassis was 9ft long and had semi-elliptical leaf springs all round. Brakes erre only fitted on the rear wheels.

The Eleven Redwing cost £520 in 1922 and £495 in 1925.

The body styles offered were a sports two-seater and sporting four-seater. Standard finishes on these bodies were polished aluminium bodies with the wings and chassis being painted red (giving the Redwing it's name).