The Gamecock Nine was a car made by Riley between 1931 and 1933. It is estimated that over 120 vehicles made.

The Gamecock was initially regarded as the successor to the Brooklands but it failed to capture the imagination of the buying public.

It was a fast tourer, instead of a pure sports car. It was a two-seater with folding windscreen and a long flat tail containing a luggage boot.

The cars had a 1087cc four cylinder engine although six works cars were fitted with a 1633cc six cylinder engine. The engines had overhead camshafts with small pushrods and large cams.

The standard engine produced 41bhp and the works engine produced 51bhp. The engine was connected to a four speed (constant mesh on third gear) gearbox via a single plate clutch.

The chassis was available with a chassis that was either 8ft 10in or 9ft 2in long. The chassis had semi-elliptical leaf springs all round and the brakes were cable operated.

The standard model cost £298 when new and a Special Series (with the addition of twin SU carburettors) cost £325.