Riley Nine Imp, 2010 Classic & MPH Show, NEC, Birmingham RK

Riley Nine Imp, 2010 Classic & MPH Show, NEC, Birmingham. by Robert Knight -

The Nine Imp was a car produced by Riley in 1934. It is estimated that over 100 cars were made in this time.

The Imp was introduced at the 1933 Motor Show where it was intended to be a replacement for the Brooklands, although it was still a prototype.

The engine was a 1047cc 4 cylinder unit with twin SU carburettors. The engine used a Scintillia magneto unlike the other Riley cars which had coil ignition as standard. The engine was connected to a four speed 'all helical' gearbox via a single plate clutch. The engine could produce 41bhp.

The Nine Imp's engine had overhead camshafts with short pushrods and high camshafts much like the Gamecock Nine had.

The chassis was 7ft 6in long and had semi-elliptical springs all round. Brakes were cable operated.

The main attraction of the car was it's bodywork. It had flared wings, a low bonnet line, radiator set back behind the axle and a sloping tail carrying the spare wheel.

The car had a top speed of 75mph (121kmh) and cost £298 when new in 1934.


Imps were highly successful in their first competitive event, the 1934 Scottish Rally, winning both their class and team prize.