The F-Type was a car made by Rochdale between 1955 and 1961, selling at £55.

The F-Type was released at around the same time the C-Type was created. The F-Type resembled a contemporary Ferrari. It was an intermediate stage between its siblings the Mark VI and the C-Type.

Around the same time as the Type C was created (1954/55), the F-type joined the Rochdale range. Resembling a contemporary Ferrari, it offered an intermediate stage between the Mark VI and the C-type,

The chassis was 7ft 6in to which the one-piece bodyshell was attached to. The body was ideal for sporting as it was very low and wasp-wasited. When the customer got the shell home, he would have to cut out his own doors, bootlid, cockpit and wing edges. Unlike the C-type he wouldn't have to cut the grille out.

Only around 50 F-Types were sold and 3 are known to have survived.

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