The Mark VI was a car made by Rochdale between 1954 and 1961. 150 were sold and 6 are still known to survive.

The Mark VI was the first Rochdale car to have a fibreglass body opposed to the earlier models which had a body made of aluminium.

The Mark VI came as a bare shell, the customer having to fabricate all his own bulkheads, inner wheelarches, etc. Some early bodies were sold unpigmented, but most Rochdale shells left the factory either ivory, red, light blue or British racing green, though it was always recommended that the body be sprayed.

The Mark VI continued to be available right up to the great fire of February 1961. It continued to sell largely due to its adaptability and low price. As glassfibre bodies became more available and more sophisticated, Rochdale lowered the price of the Mark VI after only one year of production to £47.50, at which price it remained thereafter. The shell was made to fit the 6ft 9in chassis of an Austin Seven although it coulf also be lengthend or widened to fit a bigger chassis.

The Mark VI sold at a base price £75 with extras such as widening costing more ontop.

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