The Rivera was made between 1959 and 1961 by Rochdale and was their answer to a two-seater convertible sports car.

The Rivera was launched after Rochdale saw a gap in the market. To get the Rivera into production as fast as possible they modified the body of the GT. They removed the roof and fitted a convertible top and gave it a more wider and flatter grille.

The Rivera hit the market in 1959. It was equipped with wind-up windows, an integral windscreen, rear bumper mouldings and full weather equipment. Flares were added along the top of the wheelarches stetching along the wings. The car cost £140 but was worth the mnney at the when compared to other shells available at the time.

In November 1959 a four-seater was announced. It was supplied complete with detachable hardtop for only £8 extra. The Rivera may have been seen at the time as Rochdale's most attractive car design but it didn't sell well.

Only 50 were made due to production being halted due to a fire at the factory. Of the original 50, 4 are known to survive.

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