The Rover 6 was the second car model made by the British Rover car company. It was sold from 1906 until 1912.

The first car made by Rover, the Rover 8, which was sold alongside the 6, had been of unorthodox construction with its backbone chassis. For the new smaller car it was a return to convention with a steel reinforced wooden chassis with half elliptic leaf springs front and rear supporting the car on rigid axles.

The engine was a 780 cc side-valve, single-cylinder unit, water-cooled, with a bore of 95 mm and stroke of 110 mm. The capacity increased to 812 cc in 1908 when the bore was increased to 97 mm to bring it into line with the new range of four-cylinder cars. Drive was to the rear wheels through a three-speed gearbox and jointed drive shaft.

In 1910 a complete Rover 6 with two-seater body and weather protection cost GBP155 but an earlier model had been sold as a "hundred guinea car" (GBP105).