The Rover Scarab was a convertible four-seater did not go into production. It is believed that only a few were produced.  Apparently, one was shown at the Olympia Show in October 1931 and also at the Scottish Motor Show later that year. 

The car was intended to sell at £85 and had a V-twin engine with a displacement of only 839cc, which was rear mounted. Despite the engine position, the Scarab had a conventional (dummy) radiator grill at the front. Some other 1930s rear engined cars had a down-curved grill-less front. These included the Porsche Typ 12 prototype, the Mercedes-Benz 120 test car, and the subsequent 130/150/170H, the Tatra V570 prototype, T77, 77A, T87 and T97 and of course the KdF-Wagen (later better known as the Volkswagen Beetle).