The Speed Pilot was a car produced by Rover in 1933. It is believed that only 204 were produced in the year of production.

The Speed Pilot was fitted with a 1578cc six cylinder engine. The engine had overhead camshafts and pushrods. The cylinder head was substantially reworked and featured triple SU carburettors. The engine was mated to a four speed gearbox via a single plate clutch. The engine produced 48bhp and took the car up to 77mph (124kmh).

The chassis was 9ft 4in with semi-elliptical leaf springs all round. The car was fitted with Lockheed hydraulic brakes.

The body was available in two styles, a four-seater version and a Hastings two-door coupe.

The tourer bodied car sold for £350 when new in 1933.