The Rover T2 was a turbine powered prototype vehicle from 1955.

The car was built at the Rover Car Company headquarters at Solihull in the West Midlands. The T2 was built using a standard P4 that was modified to carry the 120bhp gas turbine engine. The goal of the prototype was to vent the exhaust gases through the chassis side members but this turned out to be a disaster. The gases tended to build up and self-ignite. After a test with the car, it was quickly abanonded.

A way to fix the issue would have been to fit some insulative lagging. This would have been an impratical solution as the cost and extra weight would have been detrimental to the cars development.

Rover T2A

After the disastrous events of the test runs, the car was completely dismantled and rebuilt. It was the given the model name Rover T2A and given the registration number 'MAC 273'. The engine was in the boot and the car was converted to rear-wheel drive. The T2A was fitted with a Land Rover gearbox.

The car did not look pretty due to the vents at the front of the car and the exhausts at the rear.