The T4 was the fourth gas turbine powered car built by Rover in 1961.

The T4 was the last of the Rover Gas Turbine project cars, although in 1963 they produced a Le Mans car in co-operation with BRM. They also produced a small number of experimental gas turbine lorries between 1968-69 in co-operation with Leyland.

The T4 is based on the Rover 2000 prototype, unveiled two years ahead of the Rover 2000. Unlike T3, the T4's turbine engine is the front and drives the front wheels.

The turbine was fuelled by kerosene and fuel consumption is in the region of 16-20mpg.

Rover claimed the T4 could have been put in production in three years at a price of around £3000-4000. This was at a time when the most expensive Rover in production cost £1948.

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