The SEAT Ronda (codenamed 022A) is a small family car produced by the Spanish automaker SEAT from 1982 to 1986, and styled by Rayton Fissore in collaboration with the Technical Centre in Martorell. The Ronda was also briefly sold in the United Kingdom as the SEAT Málaga hatchback.

The SEAT Ronda was a restyled SEAT Ritmo which in its turn derived from the Fiat Ritmo, however the Arbitration Chamber of Paris declared in 1983 that differences between those cars were important enough so as not to consider the Ronda as a rebadged Ritmo. The most visible external design differences between a Ritmo and a Ronda are rectangular headlights on the Ronda in place of the round ones featured on the Ritmo, different tail lights and panels, and changed door handles. Mechanically, there were also some differences.

The Ronda featured a boot capacity of 370 litres which could be increased to 1,250 litres by folding rear seats.