Saab 98 was the number used by Saab for a project in 1974 making a combi coupé based on the Saab 95.

Originally it was called X14. The construction of the 98 was based on the Saab 95 floorpan and the design was made by Björn Envall. The prototype was assembled by Sergio Coggiola who had already done work on the Saab Sonett III. Saab 98 in the Saab Museum Only "a couple of test cars" were built up to 1976 and the project was abandoned as Saab decided there was no room in the market for a car between the Saab 95 and Saab 99.

The project was, nonetheless, an interesting development of a much-loved model (the 95) and might have delayed that successful format's demise, had this model achieved production status. The only surviving 98, in 'Siena Brown', licence plate (Swedish) AYX 330, is currently on display in the Saab Museum in Trollhättan.