The Sbarro Corvette Le Mans are two racecars built by Franco Sbarro.

In 1968, Henri Greder and Bob Lutz convinced George Filipinetti to race two Chevrolet Corvette L88s in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The latter appealed to Franco Sbarro to assist in this endeavor. Although he was no longer officially employed at Filipinelli, Franco Sbarro still do some work for him.

During 24 hours of Le Mans in September 1968, the two cars dominated the GT class in the early hours of the race. One of the Corvette was retired on mechanical problems at the sixth hour of the race, the other came 14th. Previously, the two cars suffered brake problems due to their heigh weight.

Even if they have did not experience any major victories, the two cars got involved in all of the major races of the day, including the Tour de France Automobile.