The Sbarro Function Car started life as an Cadillac Eldorado, that was later modified by Frank Sbarro in 1978.

In 1978, Franco Sbarro created the largest and heaviest of his achievements the Function Car. This Cadillac was 7.10 m long and weighed 3 tons with a 8200 cc V8 engine.

The sponsor of this ship of the road was Joseph E. Adjadj, a wealthy Saudi businessman (owner of the brand TAG).

The purpose of the Function Car was to offer the comfort of a luxury car with the features of a business office. Franco Sbarro develop the car from a Cadillac Eldorado. It was later fitted with 4 chairs, 2 phones and 2 office secretaries. There is also a refrigerator and a television.

Access is either on the front passenger side or the huge rear door. To support the weight and length of the car, Sbarro doubled the rear axle. The car has 6 wheels.

There was a project to build 25 cars but this was unsuccessful. The car is still owned by Franco Sbarro.