The Sbarro Golf Turbo is a modified Volkswagen Golf from 1983.

Franco Sbarro had a goal, to satisfy a Swiss customer that made him perform such modifications to a standard car as an engine that drops out the rear of the car with the help of a hydraulic system. Sbarro declared that this system was "very practical to work on the engine". Other modifications which are less visible (except when the back is raised), are the replacement of the Volkswagen engine by a 330 bhp Porsche 911 turbo flat-6. The car is mid-engined, the flat-6 is in the place of the back bench. In the front, Sbarro installed a reserve fuel tank of 100 litre, to obtain an ideal weight distribution of 50:50.

Outside, in low position, the Sbarro-Golf plays an underhanded game. The only visible modifications are the two side air intakes and broader tires. In short, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

This Golf, being the first Volkswagen transformed by Franco Sbarro, is an example of one of the many facets of the talent of Sbarro, to install a powerful engine in a small car.

This car later lead to the Sbarro Golf 300S