The Sbarro Robur was a concept car made in 1988.

The car was unveiled at the 1988 Geneva Motor Show 1988. Franco Sbarro stood to prove that the car was not dead under the blows of marketing and computer-aided design.

Cyril De Rouvre, a wealthy French industrialist specialised in aviation. He commissioned Franco Sbarro to build a small town car, compact and capable of traveling at slow speed in traffic jams, but with enough power to stand up to the best sports the time.

The mechanics chosen by Sbarro is that of an Audi 200 turbo. A 5-cylinder engine, centrally positioned at the rear that developed 200 horsepower. The car is intended primarily for urban traffic, the gearbox is four-speed automatic. The suspension are from McPherson. Braking is provided by four discs, assisted by a spoiler.

The interior is as luxurious, it has white leather upholstery, red carpet, hi-fi by Alpine. The exterior has a feeling of power, accentuated by the short length of the car.