The Sbarrow SV-1 Is a concept car shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1973. Franco Sbarro unveiled the car at his small stand.

The Coupe SV-1 (for Safety Vehicle One), is shown alongside with Tiger. The interior is strengthened, the chassis is fitted with a double side roll cage with a two-piece polyester filled cushion. The SV-1 is equipped with two sprinklers that are triggered by impact or very high heat in the engine compartment and cockpit.

Two engines were planned, a rotary engine with dual pistons from the NSU Ro80 (producing 150 hp at 5500 rpm) or two NSU birotors (developing 300hp at 5500 rpm).

Only one car was built, however, powered with the latter. The SV-1 is so far the only Sbarro to have a rotary engine.