The Sbarro Stash was presented at the 1974 Geneva Motor Show.

This three-seater coupe had been designed on the basis of the SV-1 with a more harmonious design. Two body styles were offered. A coupé or cabriolet (targa type), the latter being called HS.

The chassis was similar to the SV1, consisting of a central beam connected to a tubular frame and reinforced roll cage, covered in polyester. Braking is provided by four discs. Sprinklers could be fitted on request. The car had two luggage carriers, one in front (290 liters) the other at the rear (140 liters).

Abandoning the rotary engine of the SV-1, the Stash was available with several engines. The first comes from Volkswagen, a 4-cylinder 1.8-litre K70 (developing 105hp). The second is from the Mercedes 450 SE. The 6.9-litre V8 is twice as powerful as the turbocharged VW block, with 286hp.