The Sbarro T70 is a replica of the Lola T70 built in 1968.

Eric Broadley, the founder of Lola, asked Franco Sbarro to build him a replica of his Lola T70 that he could drive on the road. After Sbarro's success with making replica of the Ford GT40 and his work at Scuderia Filipinetti, it made him the perfect candidate. Roughly a year later Sbarro delivered Broadley the car, painted in British racing green.

Meanwhile ACA (Atelier de Construction Automobile), the company founded by Sbarro, got orders for twelve Lola T70 MKIII’s. Some customers wanted the original Chevy powered model. Others put aside technical authenticity. One customer choose a Ferrari V12 engine, another a Porsche 911 3.3 litre turbo engine. Apart from the engine, all the Sbarro T70s had the same chassis and bodywork. The car does pose some problems for road use, a cramped passenger compartment with restricted rear and side visibility; access reserved for the supple and not too large. The driver must also be very skilled. Above all it remained a racing car even if Sbarro upholstered the interior in leather, installed climate control and entertainment systems on some models.

The Sbarro T70 MKIII’s are so faithful to the original that they confuse even the experts (except of course the Ferrari and Porsche engined models). Good for more than 187 mph, the performance is spectacular.