The Sbarro Tipo P4 was a replica of the 1967 Ferrari 330 P4 built in 1986.

All Ferrari fans dream to have a Ferrari 250 GTO and Ferrari 330 P4 in his garage/collection. Both are unfortunately rare. The GTO was produced with only forty cars (in violation of regulations at the time that required 100) being made. The P4 only had 3 cars made in 1967, a 4th was built later, but many see it as not a "real" P4.

Due to the rarity and high price tag, many would go in search for a replica. Many replicas have been produced over the years but none come close to the real likeness of those built by Sbarro.

Sbarro knows the Ferrari P4 perfectly, he spent many years as chief engineer at Scuderia Filipinetti with the Ford GT40, Lola T70 and Ferrari P4. That is why a rich enthusiast, who had already ordered a replica Ford GT40 from Sbarro, asked him to consider creating a replica of the P4.

The solution was to rebody a Ferrari 308 GTS. The choice of the 308 allowed Sbarro remain faithful to the Ferrari brand and keep a certain legitimacy. On the other hand, the 308 car was relatively common, which facilitated the maintenance of the replica.

The donor car was completely stripped and then rebodied with a polyester shell with the general forms of the P4. This is not an exact copy, the dimensions of the original did not correspond to those of 308. That is the price to pay when you do not want to tamper with the architecture of the car donor.

The interior was treated in the same spirit, Sbarro sought to replicate the atmosphere of the prototypes from the sixties.

The mechanicals are stock. The car has the same engine block as the Ferrari 308 (with double body Weber carburetors) developing 255 horsepower. Suspension components are also original.