The Sbarro Vessa Pilcar Carville is a small electric car built from 1977 to 1980.

The Pilcar is nothing new or revolutionary. Production figures were low but not insignificant for a vehicle from an unknown brand. Between 1977 and 1980, 23 copies cars were sold, plus 5 pick-ups built in 1979-1980.

The Pilcar is a small town car, powered by an electric motor powered by 24 batteries. The body is made from polyester (the specialty of Franco Sbarro) and is based on a tubular frame. Unfortunately, although very compact there was the issue of increased weight of 500 kg because of the batteries. The small electric car weighs 920 kg.

The Pilcar managed to reach a little over 100 km/h. Recharging is simple, just plug the car into the mains and wait for about 8 hours.

From March 1979, the Pilcar changes into the Carville. The car was guaranteed for one year or 20,000 km. The price in 1977 was 16,000 Swiss francs.

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