The Scammell Pioneer R100 was a British vehicle that was used in the Second World War (World War 2). The basic vehicle was used as an artillery tractor for heavier pieces such as the 7.2 inch howitzer. This had an 8-ton winch and an overhead runway with a 10-cwt hoist. Early war use included towing the six inch 26cwt howitzer until the AEC Matador gun tractor was issued in sufficient numbers. Precedental images can be seen in "First Victory" by George Forty. Development of the basic vehicle included the Scammell Semi-trailer and the "Tractor Heavy Breakdown 6 x 4 Scammell Pioneer" Model SV1S and SV2S breakdown tractors.


768 units were produced from 1937. The Pioneer was a popular heavy haulage, forestry and recovery vehicle in civilian service until well into the eighties when more modern and powerful equipments became available.

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