The Scott Sociable was an English automobile manufactured from 1921 to 1925 by the Scott Autocar Company of Bradford, Yorkshire an offshoot of the Scott Motorcycle Company.

During World War I Alfred Angas Scott had made sidecar machine gun carriers. From these he developed a three-wheel car with two wheels in line and a third one set alongside but slightly behind the other rear wheel, all supported by a triangulated tubular steel frame. Although the layout still resembled that of a motorcycle and sidecar combination, it had wheel steering by rack and pinion. Its power was supplied by the Scott Company's own water-cooled 578 cc twin-cylinder two-stroke engine with drive transmitted through a three-speed gearbox to the offside rear wheel by shaft. There was no reverse gear.

The vehicle was intended for military use, but orders failed to come, so he converted it to civilian use and announced it in 1916 as the Sociable, but production had to wait until 1921. About 200 were made before production stopped in 1924. Complete cars cost £273 in 1921 falling to £135 by 1924.