The 10 was a car made by Seabrook between 1921 and 24.

The 10 used a Dorman pushrod engine. It was a 1496cc 4 cylinder unit that had overhead camshafts and pushrods. It was connected to a three-speed Meadows gearbox via a cone clutch. The engine could produce 20bhp and take the car to 50mph (80kmh).

The car came with a V-windscreen, a pointed tail (with the wheel attached), polished aluminium finish and black-painted wings.

The chassis was 9ft 3in and had semi-elliptical leaf springs in the front and cantilever rear suspension.

Alternate body designs were available including a two-seater with double dickey-seat, a coupe and a two-door saloon.

The two-seater cars were known in their day as serious opposition in rallies, trials and hill climbs etc.

The two-seater sports model cost £395 when new.