The 12 was a car made by Seabrook and was exhibited at the 1920 Motor Show. A maximum of 41 cars were made.

The 12 had a 1795cc four cylinder engine that could produce 22.5bhp.

It boasted an overhead camshaft, an aluminium head with inclined valves and machined combustion chambers. The engine also had aluminium pistons and a gear-type pump supplying oil to the camshaft, main bearings and valve gear.

The engine in this form proved too uneconomical so was changed for a Dorman KNO model. It had identical cylinder dimensions but instead of being an OHV engine, it was a pushrod engine. The Dorman had twin camshafts mounted high in the block.

The 12 had an electric starter motor, a dynamo lighting set and a fully adjustable steering column.

The chassis was 9ft long and had cantilever-type springs in the rear and semi-elliptical springs in the front. Brakes were only fitted on the rear wheels.

The two-seater sports model cost £475.