The Shadow DN4 was a racecar built in 1974.

It replaced the DN2 of 1973, and kept the same basic engineering. The DN4 was particularly suited to embrace the fuel restrictions that limited overall fuel consumption to 37 gallons. The DN4 was so good in this category only George Follmer in another DN4 could challenge Oliver.

George said “There’s no substitute for horsepower, but chassis-wise the DN4 pointed in well and was very predictable. And because frontal area was so small, it was fast in a straight line. It was an extremely good race car”

The DN4 was built with typical Cam-Am engineering of the period. The Semi-monocoque chassis was riveted together from aluminum was covered by a thin fiberglass body. The engine was sourced from Chevrolet and produced anywhere from 735 to 800 bhp.

Main competition came from Brian Redman and his Porsche 917/30KL, but that didn't stop Jackie Oliver from winning the first four races outright.

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