The Daina is a model of car produced by SIATA from 1950 to 1958.


The car was sold with a GT body, coupe or a spider (convertible) with most of the spiders being bodied by Giovanni Farina, while the coupe received mainly bodywork from Bertone.

Like all cars SIATA produced, it was based on heavily modified Fiat mechanicals. In this case it was the Fiat 1400 which the Daina was based on. The frame was reinforced and shortened while the engine was developed adding new overhead valves, new manifolds, carburettors and sometimes an Abarth exhaust .

Very famous versions versions were the Sport and Grand Sport, prepared for use in racing. The Gran Sport version hit the United States where, with the first test literally burned the stages races in formula. It's supporters called it the "Little Ferrari". The interest of collectors is due to limited availability as a result of the highly artisanal production. Only about 200 cars were made.

Wayne Thomas, an English journalist connoisseur of cars, once said "Driving a Siata Gran Sport is simply a dream".