The Siva S530 is a concept car that was built in 1971.

The car was commissioned by The Daily Telegraph for it's stand at the 1971 Earls Court Motor Show. Being designed by Neville Trickett, the car was built in only four months.

The car was an unusual wedge-shape that featured gull-wing doors. It was powered with a 5340cc Aston Martin V8 which meant it could reach a top speed of 180mph and reach 60mph from a standstill in less than five seconds.

The gull-wing doors were electronically operated and the cockpit featured some unusual dials and a rectangular steering wheel.

Aston Martin did express some interest in the car at the time to help develop a new model but due to financial difficulties, they couldn't take up the project.

The one and only Siva S530 registered as 'FKX 2K' has since disappeared.

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