The Spex Elf is a kit car produced between 1985 and

In 1985 a pair of Canadian designers Paul Deutchman & Kell Warshaw manufactured the Elf in Montreal. The kit car was based on the first generation Honda Civic.

The Spex Elf was a two seat fibreglass convertible with a sub frame for added structural integrity. The styling was comparable to that of many Japanese cars of the mid to late 80's. The Elf used the Honda chassis/drive train as well while the headlights from the Honda Accord and the taillights from the Mercury Capri.

A buildup of the kit was featured in the September and November 1985 issues of Kit Car magazine published by Petersen's. 20 Kits were built before the moulds were sold, being sold for either $3,750.00 (for the basic model) or for $5,995.00 (for the deluxe model).

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