The 1½ Litre was a car made by Squire between 1934 and 1936. Only 10 cars were ever made, 7 on the original production run and 3 later on assembled from spare parts.

The basis of the 1½ Litre was the Anzani R1 engine. The engine had twin overhead camshafts that were driven by a combination of chain and gear chain from the rear of the four-bearing crankshaft. The engine was connected to a four speed ENV pre-selector gearbox. A David Brown Roots-type supercharger was also fitted. The engine produced 100bhp.

The car was able to reach speeds over 100mph (161kmh).

The chassis was available in two sizes, the short (8ft 6in) and the long (10ft 3in). The chassis was fitted with semi-elliptical leaf springs all round as well as Houdaille shock absorbers. Lockheed hydraulic brakes were fitted as well as a sloping radiator.

A Vanden Plas two-seater was available.

The cars cost £1220 when new.