The Flying V8 was a car made by the Standard Motor Company between 1937 and 1938.

The Flying V8 was announced at the 1935 Motor Show.

The car was fitted with a 2686cc side valve V8 engine which produced 75bhp. The engine was linked to a four speed gearbox (with synchromesh on the 3rd and 4th gears) via a single plate clutch. This combination took the car up to a top speed of 82mph (132kmh).

The chassis was 8ft 6in with semi-elliptical leaf springs fitted all round. Bendix cable-operated brakes were fitted but gained a poor reputation because they could't handle the speed and the weight of the car.

The saloon cost £349 in 1937 and £325 in 1938. The drophead coupe cost £359 in 1939.