The Steyr 2000 is a car built by Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG between 1953 and 1959.

After the Second World War Steyr wanted to produce cars and so Charles Jenschke started by designing two vehicles which were middle to upper class models.

The short-stroke four-cylinder engine with overhead valves had an aluminum body with wet liners and a five-bearing crankshaft. The standard Fiat four-speed manual gearbox was fitted and power was sent to the rear wheels.

With the launch of the Fiat 1400 A and the Fiat 1900 in 1954 came the Steyr 2000 A. Accordingly, came the model Steyr 2000 B, again in 3 E body styles. The revised engine now powered by a 86 hp.

A particularly sporty car was also offered from 1957, called the Steyr 2300. The car had an engine which developed 95hp and reached speeds of 100mph (160 kmh).

In 1959 the car was replaced the six-cylinder Fiat 1800. This ended the production of Steyr cars.