The Steyr 430 is car made between 1933 and 1939.

The car was based on the Ferdinand Porsche designed model Steyr 30 .

The car had a front mounted 6-cylinder engine that connected to a four-speed manual gearbox with power being sent to the rear wheels. Front wheels were mounted on rigid axle which has longitudinal leaf-springs. The rear swing axle had a transverse leaf-spring. The six-cylinder engines were strong and the car was therefore particularly suitable for use in the mountains of Germany and Austria. A total of 1250 cars were made in 1935.

In 1935, the car has been revised. It got a bigger and more powerful engine. The new model was called Steyr 530. A total of 456 were built.

In 1937 there was a further slight revision to the model with a stronger alternator and transverse leaf springs at the front front being fitted. Additionally a Pullman limousine which was made especially for the taxi business was offered. Only 500 cars were made.