The M Series Truck was an automobile truck designed in the late 1930s by the Studebaker Corporation.


It was first put into production in November 1940 and saw extensive action during the Second World War, specifically in the South East Asian theatre against Japan. In particular, M Series Studebaker trucks were used in the construction of the Burma road. A large number of these trucks also served in the Russian forces as part of aid giving to the country by the U.S. After the war, the M16 1-1/2 Ton Truck model was the civilian variant produced, with production lasting from 1945-1949.

Design and specifications

The M series sported a more aerodynamic shape than most trucks of the time, with easily recognisable "wind wing" vents on the driver and passenger windows, a feature not found on any other make of American truck during World War II. the light version of the M series truck was known as the Coupe Express, (not to be confused with the previous Studebaker Coupe Express of 1937-1939).