The Studebaker Standard Six was a car, which the Studebaker Corporation in South Bend (Indiana) produced in years 1925 and 1926. It was the successor of the model Light Six

Also - the Standard Six model ER called - had a wheelbase of 2,870 mm and has a six-cylinder in-line engine with 3959 cc engine driven (bore x stroke = 85.7 mm x 114.3 mm), the 50 bhp (37 kW) at 2.200/min. developed. The engine power is transmitted via a single dry, and a three-speed transmission with shift lever in the center of the car to the rear wheels. The footbrake worked on drum brakes on the rear wheels.

The Standard Six then turned the cheapest model of Studebaker represent the cars were offered during the entire production period with a variety of setups.

In 1927, the car was in Standard Six Dictator (EU model) renamed, a transition to the name Studebaker Dictator , as it was from 1928.