Stutz DV-32 Super Bearcat, Chassis DV-SB-1486, WM

Stutz DV-32 Super Bearcat, Chassis DV-SB-1486, by Wouter Melissen -

The DV32 was a model of automobile produced by Stutz between 1932 and 1936.

Stutz couldn't afford a multi-cylinder engine for the Stutz DV32. After experimenting with a supercharged engine, the company instead designed a new 32-valve head with double overhead camshafts. They removed the eight's twin ignition, and managed to get 43 extra horsepower out of the 322 cubic inch engine.

High-priced coachwork for the Stutz DV32 soon included the short-wheelbase Super Bearcat, which was initially fitted with an artificial leather Weymann body. It would do 100 mph with ease, but even sedans could cruise effortlessly at 70 and approach 90 mph.

In 1932, the previous four-speed gearbox was replaced with a three-speed Muncie unit and freewheeling. This was installed on all Stutz DV32s.