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The Subaru FF-1 G (also sold as the 1100 and 1300) was a compact car from the 1970s, replacing the FF-1 Star. It was a front wheel drive vehicle with a typical Subaru EA61 or EA62 flat-4 engine. A fully independent torsion bar suspension and rack and pinion steering were impressive for the time. The inboard front drum brakes were an oddity. Also strange were the dual radiators - the car used only a small radiator (which was also the heater core) on starting, hastening warmup. Even in 1972, Subaru boasted about the foul-weather handling of their cars, and they were quite successful. Priced at just over US$2,000 and achieving 29 miles per US gallon (8.1 L/100 km; 35 mpg-imp), the Subaru quickly became a strong selling import car in the United States.


The 1.1L EA61 and 1.3L EA62 engines had no cooling fan, only an electric fan on the small radiator cooled the engine. The 1.1L was shared with the Subaru FF-1 Star, however the 1.3L engine was unique to this model and the only Subaru engine to have rear-facing exhaust ports. Most 1972-1973 models were equipped with the 1.3L EA62 engine and dual carburetors was an available factory option. The transmission was also borrowed from the Subaru FF-1 Star.

EA61 1.1L OHV Water-Cooled Flat-4

  • Displacement: 76 mm x 60 mm, 1088 cc
  • Power: 61 bhp (45 kW) @5600 rpm, 65 ft·lbf (88 N·m) @ 4000 rpm with 9:1 compression and two barrel carburetor

EA62 1.3L OHV Water-Cooled Flat-4

  • Displacement: 82 mm x 60 mm, 1268 cc
  • Power: 80 bhp (60 kW) @6400 rpm, 73 ft·lbf (99 N·m) @ 4000 rpm with 9:1 compression and dual two barrel carburetors


Subaru T71 Four-Speed Manual, Front-Wheel Drive

  • Gear Ratios: 1st 3.540 2nd 2.235 3rd 1.543 4th 1.033, Rev 4.100 Final 4.125