The 14/40 was a car made by Sunbeam between 1923 and 1926. Around 2850 were built.

The Sunbeam 14/10 was announced in 1921.

The 14/40 was fitted with a four cylinder engine had overhead valves and the combined crankcase and block was cast in aluminium. The technology at the time as not up to scratch and the engines suffered from distortion. They were soon redesigned and the block was now separate and cast in iron.

The cars had a magneto instead of coil ignition. Cooling of the engine was by pump and fan. The engine was connected to a three speed gearbox via a single plate clutch. The engine produced 41bhp and the top speed of the car was 65mph (105kmh).

The chassis was 9ft 11in and had semi-elliptical in the front and cantilever suspension in the rear. Brakes were only fitted on the rear wheels to start but were later fitted on all four wheels.

The sports model had a higher commpression ratio, aluminium pistons, uprated valve springs, a carburettor and an improved inlet manifold.

The cars cost £650 when new and the sporting type engine models cost £735.

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