The Surtees TS10 was a Formula 2 car built by Surtees in 1972.

The CSI introduced new rules regarding engine capacity for the 1972 European Championship for Formula 2 season. The maximum displacement was increased to 2-liters. After deciding that F5000 wasn’t worth the effort, John Surtees created the TS10 for the 1972 European Championship for Formula 2 cars.

The monocoque was the familiar square-sided design that Surtees had used on its Formula 1 cars. Bucking the trend of hip-mounted radiators used by the other manufactures, the TS10 had its water radiator mounted in a full-width nose. The car was also the only F2 entry to use the Hewland FG400 gearbox. All other cars used the Hewland FT200. Surtees elected to use engines developed by Brian Hart.

The Ford BDA engine was used as the base for the new power plants. Unfortunately Cosworth didn’t design the BDA to be a 2-litre unit and the teams would suffer from poor engine reliability throughout the 1972 season. Brian Hart was the only engine tuner to obtain any degree of reliability. The works-run cars used Hart’s 1850cc 420R engines. By not taking full advantage of the rules and keeping the capacity down increased the engine’s reliability. The HART engine was bolted to the rear bulkhead of the chassis and fitted between tubular sub-frames.

The cars were built to a high standard, although they were a challenge for the mechanics to work on. The primary difficulty being the rear-end. Early in the season the tubular engine bays would crack and the engine would flex. Once the problem was resolved the cars were reliable.

The factory would run two cars with Mike Hailwood being the primary driver. Early in the year Surtees handled the second car. Brazilian Carlos Pace took over later in the season. TS10 were also sold to the private teams of Andrea de Adamich and Carlos Ruesch.

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