The Surtees TS7 was a Formula 1 racing car, which was built by Team Surtees in 1970 and entered in the Formula-1 World Championship.

The TS7 was the first Formula 1 race car from Surtees. The idea behind the car came from John Surtees himself, the design and construction work took place in the hands of Peter Connew and Shahab Ahmed. The two designers used the chassis of the Surtees TS5, the formula-5000 cars from the previous year. Externally, the two cars had nothing in common. The TS7 was narrow, the aluminum monocque was made in the then usual, bathtub shape. The vehicle had the Ford Cosworth DFV V8 engine and a Hewland DG-300 transmission. The front wing was in the form of a delta.

The total weight was 553 kg. The TS7 had its first race at the Grand Prix of Great Britain at Brands Hatch. John Surtees was seventh and missed a World Cup point just barely. At the Canadian Grand Prix he finished fifth and got two points. Before that Surtees had already won the Gold Cup at Oulton Park.

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