Suzuki RS-1

Suzuki RS-1 -

The Suzuki RS-1 was a concept car made in 1985.

The RS body is as advanced as the engine, made from a newly developed fibre-reinforced plastic, it is extremely strong, lightweight and completely corrosion resistant. The distinctive bodywork is also highly aerodynamic. Wind tunnel testing showed a fully competitive drag co-efficient with today's advanced aerodynamic designs.

To ensure that the RS sets equally high standards of roadholding, the engine is mounted in the middle of the car for optimum weight distribution. At each corner there is a wide, low-profile radial tire and all-round fully independent suspension to give an unbeatable combination of well-damped ride together with excellent levels of grip in all conditions and over all road surfaces. The stopping power to handle the performance is provided by ventilated discs front and rear, backed-up by a responsive servo to give safe, progressive braking.

Full instrumentation is provided by a single Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). Sensors monitor all mechanical, safety and electrical functions is addition to road speed, and all this information is displayed as easy to read graphics on the screen.

In the RS/1, both seats have their own built in ventilation system, from the heater, air is fed directly into the seat backs and cushions with the temperature being regulated by the heater controls creating a perfect driving environment the whole year round.